A private sitting is a 3 way process between the guest sitter, the medium and the spirit world. During a sitting, the medium blends their energy with the energy of their sitter through the aura.

On a psychic level, the medium may ascertain information about their guest sitter, their life, character traits, family, worries etc. Questions regarding health issues or financial matters cannot be answered unless the medium or psychic is fully qualified in those respective fields.

On a mediumistic level, the medium may become aware of communicators from the spirit world who wish to be remembered to the guest sitter. There can be no guarantees as to who will come from spirit or what they will wish to speak about, we let the spirit world lead and express what it is they need the sitter to hear.

Private sittings can have a profound effect on the guest sitter, they can impart emotional healing, can offer some peace of mind, or sometimes an alternative way of looking at certain situations. They can help inspire the sitter to do their own research into their spirituality, and find answers to questions about their own life path.

I offer 30 minute sittings via the internet on Skype or Zoom at a mutually convenient time. Please get in touch to find out more, no obligation to make a booking of course.