Donna Barker Karenza SpiritMy name is Donna and thank you for visiting my web-site. My interest in mediumship first sparked in the year 2000 when I stumbled across a medium on satellite TV giving messages from the spirit world to studio audience members. I had no knowledge of the spirit world at that time and having always had careers in IT and no particular religious upbringing, I had never seen anything like it before.

After doing some more reading around the subject, I decided the only way I’d find out if what I was witnessing was “real”, was by having my own personal sitting with the medium I had seen on TV, as I was 100% confident he knew absolutely nothing about me.

To cut a long story short I had my reading with him on the phone and I was astonished at the names and things he told me about my family members who had already passed away. This was all long before I was on Facebook (probably before Facebook was even invented!) so there was no way he could possibly have found out any of this information beforehand. He even made a prediction about something that would happen the next day involving a friend of mine, and it came true!

I thought that would be the end to it, I’d had my proof, now I knew it was real for certain and thought that meant I’d be able to stop thinking about it…… wrong I was! Little did I know at the time that was going to be the start of a journey which would lead me to develop my own mediumship ability to help people re-connect with their loved ones.